Eiri message from the godess

Before we set off for Eiri’s hold he began having nightmares and getting different spells than what he requested each day. We traveled to his place and on the way he was able to deduce that some ancient battle had occurred there and the goddess Neesa was killed, and now Gada wanted him to do something about it. So we began search for the godess’ body. Eventually we tracked down the location of the tomb and made our entrance through a teleporting door. Once in side we were met by a collapsing ceiling, then various types of undead, and other traps. Eventually however we found our way into the godess’ burial chamber which was guarded by a daemon. Once we vanquished that the daemon we searched the burial chamber and found the godess’ body, he armor, and a riddle presumbaly including the directions to restore her. Nearby in a pit we found her hammer, which Kiara climbed down to retrieve. When she touched it activated a portal taking her out of the tomb. Once the rest of us ported out we found Kiara clutching the hammer. It was then that we figured out that the hammer was sentient and at to some extent controlling her.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket (2000xp & 10000xp)



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