FUBARed Again

We traveled south to Rasim uneventfully in search of the abandoned temple that held the artifact that would suppress my seneschal’s fear effect. When we arrived at the area where the temple was supposed to be we found some one already excavating the site. Uncertain what our reception would be we decided to observe for awhile and quickly discovered that a cleric of Mulet. Not wanting to risk a giant fight by approaching the camp we decided to start our own dig nearby. Our dig went quickly and we soon reached the temple. However, once we broke through everything went wrong, Rhianna was enthralled and almost eaten by a snake demon. Which then teleported into the camp of the cultist and started causing chaos. I was attacked and chased off by invisible stalkers. In the aftermath most of the everyone was taken prisoner and I had no choice but turn myself in or abandon them. In the end this cultist who we probably should have just killed in the first place is tried to hold us responsible for the demon breaking loose, when it was already loose and it would have ended up rampaging through his camp eventually anyway. As recompense he’s demanding we fight in an arena battle to cover his losses. I’m still considering killing this bastard or torching his home on the way out of the country.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket



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