With all of our new holds investigated and at least semi-habitable we found ourselves with some downtime in the run up to the festival, this years was the grand tournament. This tourney attracts some of the finest knights and adventures from across the civilized realms to test their martial skills against each other in order to gain fortune and glory.

In the weeks before the tourney we made a quick trip to Ragna to ee Palar the White. We had know trouble gaining an audience with Palar himself, do to the fame of our journey south. we told him the tale of our journey and and the events along the way. We also had the opportunity to ask him some questions about the goddess Neesa. Palar was able to tell us that many of her early temples would be on the other continent and that her artifacts would probably be there or among the orcs. I was also able to inquire about an artifact to suppress my ghostly seneschal’s fear effect. Palar said that he knew of an idol in an abandoned temple to Josiah(?) in Rasim that would do the job. Before we left he told us to come back and see him in a few months, because he would have need of us then.

After returning form Ragna, Rhianna sequestered herself away to prepare for her performance and write her great ballad of our journey. The rest of took the time to take care of minor tasks and tend to our knew estates. In the days before the tourney Rhianna’s brother came into town for the tourney and wanted a place to stay and for her to provide introductions and play matchmaker while he was here. I had an impoverished knight from Dotonia show up and ask to use my stables, we worked out an deal where he could stay in exchange for a portion of any horses he might win.

At the tournament both Thiago and Freya competed, Rhianna was busy performing, Kiara worked on improving her social stature, Eiri continued planning for a monastery on his lands, and I spent much of my time looking for horses. Rhianna’s performance was an huge suggest and she even managed to improve some of the populations attitude towards the now resident kobold tribe. Kiara did succeed in improving her social status, although Rhianna did need to stage an intervention to get her moving in the right direction. Thiago was eliminated early in the tournament. Freya did slightly better making to the semi-finals before being eliminated. Eiri succeeded in recruiting several people to his monastery. I succeeded in purchasing 2 nice mares and my Dotonian guest surprised us all by beating Rhianna’s brother to win the joust, providing me with a few more stallions.

After the tourney ended we discussed our plans and elected to head for Rasim and raid the temple.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket (Level to 10)



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