Moibor & Erhart

We have successfully negotiated for the relocation of bronze and yellow dragons and kobolds to the kingdom of Moibor. On our way there, the Gul Man arranged to discretely give us blueprints for a temple that was under construction in Moibor. These blueprints detailed a method for concentrating magic into specific spell casters, which would be both highly desirable yet also extremely dangerous to the balance of magic- once word got out, everyone would want to build their own, and we estimated it would take only about 2,000 of these temples to completely drain a magic source, or even fewer if scaled up to larger temples. We shared our concerns with the king, whom we were pleased to find so amicable and agreeable. He had not been aware of these concerns, and promised to make adjustments even though construction of the temple had already started and a lot had been invested in it, but we thought you should be aware of this concern as well, in case our efforts were too little or too late.

Erhart- we have, after considerable discussion and negotiations with the guilds of Erhart, secured sanctuary here for copper and brine dragons and kobolds.



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