also this is available to all <currant> this was suppose to be the big find for the “Keeps Arc” however some people were missing tonight but should be included in the over all arc treasures. Nina?


Devin's Spook

Loot after dealing with Devin’s which will need to be divvied up.

Amulet Natural Armor +1 2000
Bear Pelt of Bone Breaker 3300
Belt of Giant St +2 4000
Boots of the Mire 3500
Bracers Steadiness 2000
Goggles of Elven Kind 8500
Pliant Gloves 10000
Ring of Climbing 2500
Scholar’s Ring 8700

Devon's spook story

We went out to investigate the holdings that I had been granted. My in preliminary inquiries revealed that it had been abandoned for at least a 100 years after the previous owner and his family were murdered. The property stayed abandoned because of rumors that it was haunted or that there was something else living on it.

When we arrived at the property it showed all of the signs of its long abandonment. Kiara and Adara, Freya’s follower, went to scout ahead. When they returned they brought back an tiny automaton, saying it was one of many that had been following and watching them as they moved around the property. A large number of the machines followed us as we moved into the property. When we approached the buildings the house was being guarded by 2 large golems. The servants house was also guarded by several man sized automatons. When we approached either the golems or the automatons they went on guard making it obvious they would attack if we got to close. However, Adara was able to just walk right by for some reason.

When Adara came back out of the main house she reported that she had encountered a ghost and that he would like to speak with us. We waited till night fall and the ghost appeared. Once it appeared the Kiara took off into the undergrowth, but the rest of stayed and had a conversation. We learned that the ghost, Sir Leo Austwhite, had once been toy maker to the king, but there were nobles who did not like seeing a neanderthal elevated to a position nobility and conspired successfully to kill him. In the end there was nothing that he wanted from us, and nothing that we could do for him. He was however, happy to stay in the house and serve as seneschal. I would need to find some way to suppress his fear effect before he would be able to fully function in the role. My researcher thinks there is a ring that was previously in the possession of Palar that would serve the purpose.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket (2500xp)

Rhianna's Inn

With great expectations we approached my new hold appointed to me by Nigel. I requested a hold with an Inn, along a trading route, with a pretty stream, and a ready supply of fish to eat. We found the keep, abandoned and in slight disrepair. There is a small village around the keep with an Inn just out of town along the road. It is not too far from a larger city where I can go for the Lowel’s Building Supplies and the Costair’s Bulk Warehouse Supplies.

After checking out my keep, we proceeded on to the inn. There we found some shady characters, who simply weren’t very hospitable or talkative. We made some pleasant conversation, but when we got bored, we went and explored the inn. In the basement we innocently opened a door that someone had accidentally left locked and then CENSORED FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN.

Some time later, I am left with an abandoned inn, with a secret passage to a now abandoned house, and a new found lack of thieves guilds in this area.

I believe my new tenants will be happier with the reduction in thieves, but I have send a missive to Mabel at the Bard’s college. I’d like to hire a reputable Inn keeper, and stewart. I will do some basic repairs on the inn and keep to start, and some clean up, and then will roll a significant portion of any profits for the first year into improvements. I’ll be negotiating with Freya’s wood giants to see if I can get some affordable labor for the repairs. :)

Freya's Hold

After spending the bulk of our reward money in town Freya, Kiara, Rhianna, and I set off to inspect the lands that Freya had been granted. The trip there passed uneventfully and we arrived to find the keep in much better condition than we had been led to believe it would be in. As we approached we found the drawbridge was raised. When Freya hailed the keep a giant poked its head up over the wall. Freya chatted with the giant and we learned that him and his family had found the place abandoned and taken up residence in the keep, making repairs and improvements. Judging by the woodwork we could see from the outside at least one of them was quite skilled as a carpenter. Freya attempted to explain to the giant that the king had given her these lands and that this was now her keep, but the giant wasn’t having any of that. After Freya’s struggling attempt at diplomacy the giant took pity on her and proposed an archery contest the winner of which would keep the keep. Freya set up a target and they began the competition. Freya went first and put up a decent showing even managing a couple of bulls-eyes. The Giant went next and masterfully beat Freya’s attempt, destroying the target in the process. Freya congratulated the giant on his victory and prepared to leave, I was looking forward to watching Freya explain how she lost her keep in an archery contest, but the giant was impressed by her good attitude and offered to let her share the keep when she was in town.
-Devon Ae Zarzuket (1500xp)

Charcters and campain notes
end of story arc.

Just a note to let people know that we are at a point the campaign where if you want to change characters it would be a good time to make a new character. If you want to change let me know New character should be 9th level and have 46,000 go worth of wealth.

Also can someone (or more than one someones) audit their characters and let me know the wealth level of the currant group that would be greatly appreciated if you are to far off I will adjust the reward from the last adventure slightly if the group is undervalued by to much.

I will see the CLifts and Rod and Keven Tuesday evening to update there characters at approx 7pm

Escaping the hold

Kiara returned from her investigations with several documents, alarms sounding, and dwarves in hot pursuit. Electing the better part we ran for the surface with no intention of stopping until we reached the civilized lands.

As we raced through the tunnels we twice encountered some type of elemental barring the way. Both times they we cut our through in a flurry of violence and continued our flight. By relying on a mixture of magic and stamina we succeeded in staying ahead of our pursuers, and made it to the exit only to find it blocked by at least a dozen dwarves. The narrow confines of the tunnel worked in our favor, denying the dwarves room to maneuver and leaving them extremely vulnerable to lightning. We quickly put them to route and left the hold with dwarves fleeing before us.

When we reached the horses we learned that our escape would not be as quick as we had hoped. The dwarves had found the horses and injured their hooves, making them lame. Still we traveled a short distance and made camp hoping to hide out while the horses recovered. In the camp we looked over what Kiara had grabbed and found that one of the documents a log for the gate activity and the other was a treatise on steam-powered locomotion. We had not been encamped very long when the dwarven pursuit found us. We we negotiated for time and worked to copy as much of the documents as we could. It turned out the owner of the treatise was willing to overlook the theft if we would pay him for it. After some negotiation Rhianna was able to reach a deal with him, for the rights to use his research and employing him as a technical adviser to oversee its development. This deal and the return of the log book seemed to satisfy the dwarves and we were allowed to leave in peace.

We journeyed the rest of the way home in relative peace. When we arrived back in Hightower we reported to Nigal and were rewarded with lands, titles, and treasure.

Sir Devon Ae Zarzuket (Level to 9th; 30,000gp)

In the Dwarven Hold

We moved around the dwarven hold keeping to the uninhabited parts and letting Rhianna and Ruaridh handle most of the exploring. From are investigations and what Rhianna was able to gather from the local rumors and legends we learned a great deal about the hold.

At some point before the wall was brought down the hold under went a major religious shift. They abandoned the traditional dwarven god and outlooks and began to worship Moeshe and take on a more self centered greed is good world view. At first the shift to worship of a sea god did not make sense, but then our investigation revealed that the tunnels extended out underneath the ocean and that some of the deeper tunnels connected to a subterranean sea. As a result of this shift the dwarves where more than happy to build giant siege engines for the southern kingdom in exchange for large piles of gold. This desire for gold also extends to their more recent involvement with the with construction at the wall. We also learned that more recently the dwarven hold has been sending out diplomats and missionaries to try and establish connections with the other dwarven holds in the world.

At this point we used a sending to communicate this information to Nigal. He was understandably concerned by this information and wanted us to try and find more information about these missions, particularly which holds they were contacting and if they had met with any success. Rhianna was unable to extract anything beyond vague rumors from her inquiries, and attempting to move deeper into the hold was thought to be to risky. For lack of better options we sent Kiara up to the hold’s gatehouse to see what kind of records she could find there, but something must have went wrong because she was being pursued when she returned.
-Devon Ae Zarzuket (1500xp)

Investigating The Wall

We continued to investigate the wall, sending Ruaridh wildshaped as a goblin dog into spy on the encampment. He was able to find out that the southern kingdom was responsible for initiating the construction project, but was unable to discover anything else useful.

Needing to find more information about the dwarves that are involved in this construction we followed a group back to their hold after their shift. There hold was set up in a quarry and the entrance was guarded and secured with large doors. As we debated how to approach this we notice a small group of dwarves heading to a different area. It turned out the were sneaking back into the hold through a back door after being out drinking. We followed them into the cave and eventually came to a abandoned settlement area and found a secluded spot to set up camp before exploring further.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket (1500xp)

The Rest of the Way and The Wall

As we continued south it became apparent that we were being followed, by an ice mephit. Eiri decided to talk to it and find out why it was following us. He learned that it was watching us for his master and waiting to witness our deaths. As it turns out we may have been the target for the that assassination job we heard about in the city. He also turned up some information on the mephits master. His master is ancient and powerful, having played a key role in several conquering armies of the course of centuries. after this exchange we continued south letting it continue to follow us. After a few more days we noticed it have a brief conversation with an eidolon, probably sending a message to someone. Shooter and I waited for a good opportunity to attack and then drove it off with the help of the rest of the party. In the process we realized how powerful the mephit was and by extension his master.

Our journey continued with the natives becoming increasingly hostile as we got closer to the location of the wall. Most of the encounters did not prove to be exceedingly difficult but still drained away some of our resources. We did have one significant encounter with a group of undead, including a minor death, that seriously crippled and sickened several of us, but thankfully we were able to drive them with out any deaths.

Along the way we did encounter an ally of sorts. We ran into an neanderthal in strange armor with a nice horse. He was sole survivor of an expedition to from one of the civilized nations in the east. Their expedition reached the shores of this continent only to be set up by orcs and giants. He had managed to survive attack and lose his pursuers before meeting us. They had been dispatched to try and make contact with the civilized races on this continent in response to the same prophecy that we had received. He was disappointed to learn how poorly the civilized races in this part of the world had fared. We invited him to travel with us the rest of the way to the wall and then home.

We finally reached the wall. We found that it was still standing and that the breach was still visible, although construction of a gate house was underway in the breach. Kiara, shooter, and Rhianna snuck in for a closer look. From their investigation we learned that our side of the wall was covered in magical warding glyphs, it did not appear that magic was used to breach the wall,the siege engines that were used to breach the wall were still intact, and appeared to use some dwarven techniques in there construction. We also noticed that there were dwarves moving about the construction site working. We passed our preliminary findings back to Nigal, and need to investigate further especially the apparent involvement of dwarves in the attack on the wall and current construction.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket (1200xp, 856gp (from drake loot))(1500xp, 1000gp)


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