We retreated back into one of the remaining guard towers in order hopes of recovering before continuing are assault on kolbolds that were plundering Olleth. Once inside the tower we found some arrows and bolts to replace what we had expended on the in our previous battles. However as we began to settle in for the night the sound of a kobold war chant filled the air, which would make it difficult to get the rest we needed. Bart and I passed the first watch uneventfully until Freya came to relieve us. With some difficulty I and creative use of items from my pack I was able to doze off into a deep sleep.

As I would learn later, a small group of kobolds attempted to sneak up on the tower during Freya’s watch. With Bart and Kiara’s help they were able to run them off with there bows, inflicting a few losses to the kobolds. Afterwards Bart and Kiara returned to sleep and Freya passed another hour of her watch before spotting a larger group of kobolds moving towards our tower. Once again waking Bart and Kiara they prepared to repel the assault. Only this time Bart decided to take up position outside the front door and Kiara thought it would be a good idea to go outside with him. Together they apparently put up a valiant defense of the door while Freya provided support with her bow. Until they began raising ladders to scale the tower. Freya began kicking ladders and cutting down any kobold that actually made it to the roof. She eventually found that it was easier to simply knock them back off the roof and hope that gravity would do the work.

For awhile it looked like they were going to repel this assault with little difficulty, but a mighty roar issued up from the darkness and at least sixty kobolds charged towards the tower. Seeing that situation was going to deteriorate rapidly Freya called into the tower for more help and succeeded in rousing Rhianna. Rhianna moved up to the roof and began helping Freya fend off the increasing number of kobolds making it to the roof. Out front Bart and Kiara were still holding their own but were increasingly in danger of being over run. One of the kobold leaders made its way up to where Bart was holding the door and began to get the better of him. Bart and the kobold leader traded a series of mighty blows, but the fatigue of battle began to show in Bart’s actions. Kiara seeing Bart begin to falter rushed to lend aid, but even together they could not finish this impressive specimen of a kobold. Another series of blows was exchanged and Bart collapsed under the onslaught. Kiara seeing Bart fall knew she didn’t stand a chance on her own, but she couldn’t bring herself to leave Bart. As she dove between kobolds to make it back into the tower she grabbed Bart and drug his unconscious body through the door. The sound of them bursting through the door finally jarred me from my sleep. Awakening to see the door open with a hoard of angry kolbolds outside I rushed to shut and bar the door. With the door closed Kiara ran up stairs help hold the roof. Seeing Bart laying on the floor in growing pool of blood, I found one of his healing potions and poured it down his throat. As he regained consciousness he murmured, “Why do these things always taste like pineapple?” Seeing him awaken and as it looked like the door would hold for awhile I ventured upstairs to the roof. Arriving on the roof I saw the three catgirls fending of the kobolds as they made it to the roof. Seeing the situation I moved over to the nearest ladder and dropped a flask of alchemist fire covering a both a kolbold and the ladder in fire. Rhianna seeing this let loose a sound burst and destroyed the other two ladders on that side of the tower killing a many kobolds on that side as well. Kiara and I moved to the opposite side of tower and threw another set of flasks down onto the ladders taking two more out of commission. While we where doing that Rhianna decimated the group that was chipping at the front door with another mighty sound burst. Sometime during all of this Bart made his way to the roof and hunted down and killed the kobold that had knocked him out with his crossbow. With all but one ladder destroyed and the assaults leader dead the kolbolds broke off the attack.

The next morning a kolbold messenger appeared with a white flag and asked what we wanted to go away. We agreed to leave them alone and they agreed to leave the city and give us our choice of three of their wagons of loot. As we talked to the kolbolds we found out the the emissary sent by the town had insulted the wives of the orc tribe chieftain and everyone seemed to over react which lead to the raid on the town. Between what we could learn from the kolbolds and the surviving towns people there is definitely something strange about the this emissary. According to Freya he shares a name with some king who disappeared some 500 years ago in her home region. We also learned of anti-dragon forces from the southern kingdom that are starting to gain favor in the eastern kingdoms. When we reported what we learned to our employer, Nigal Mansel, we were instructed to return home at once.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket


We moved along the trail into the valley until we reached an overlook. Looking down into the remains of the city we could see that the walls had been breached and the city was thoroughly sacked. Looking closer we could see small groups of kobolds picking through the rubble for valuables and loading them into about a dozen carts. We decided our first priority should be to attempt to locate any survivors from the cityand we proceeded to circle around the town and head deeper into the valley. After some distance we encountered a group of survivors and found out that the city had been besieged and shortly there after sacked by a tribe of orcs from the north that the city had been attempting to negotiate with, some time earlier they had sent an emissary to the tribe but he was never heard from again. We then inquired into the whereabouts of the of the cities leadership. The group that we found didn’t know, and even Bart’s plan of paying small children to find them failed. Instead of continuing to search among the survivors for the cities leadership the group decided it would be much more productive to chase the kolbolds from the city. besides there was just as good of chance of us finding he bodies of the leaders back in the city.

After traveling back into the city we attempted to sneak around and ambush one of the smaller outlying groups. With our target in sight we moved into position to unleash our ambush only to be spotted at the last moment. Committing to the attack we unleashed our opening volleys and succeeded into cutting down the groups leadership, or at least the kobold who was sorting the loot and the one who seemed to be setting traps. Bart and Freya quickly put the rest of the group to route with their martial prowess. The commotion of the battle however did not go unnoticed and another nearby group came to investigate this group put up more of a fight, but we soon broke their morale and they to fled before us leaving us with one prisoner. Who we questioned about the kobolds involvement in the attack and found out that they were allowed to pick through the city by the orcs in exchange for giving them half of what they found.

With our immediate area cleared we debated our next step and reasoned that to have a larger impact we needed to go after bigger targets. Moving farther into the city we successfully sneaked up onto one of the wagons that 17 kolbolds were loading with their plunder. As we moved into position I noticed that one of them was quite possibly a sorcerer. With the group alerted to this he became the sole target of our ambush, and although we inflicted a heavy amount of damage we weren’t able to bring him down before he could unleash a lightning bolt into the group, nearly killing several of us. As Bart channeled his divine power to heal the group, I unleashed my last reserves of power and successfully ended the koblold sorcerer. Kiara who had nimbly vaulted out of the path of the lightning bolt charged forward and began to cut down the kolbolds left and right. She was soon joined by Freya and although they where extracting a heavy toll on the kolblods they were quickly being surrounded. Bart entered the battle just in time to reduce to paste the kolbold who was lining his dagger up with Kiara’s kidney. With the three of them fighting together, and Rhianna providing support with her songs and bow, they quickly beat back the encircling kobolds. This group was braver than the previous two fighing the last reptile, with the exception of the wagon driver who fled early in the fight. With the third group destroyed we paused bloodied and drained, needing to find some place to recover in safety. But it seemed that another group of kolbolds nearby may have noticed us…
-Devon Ae Zarzuket

Yetis, Blizzards, and Orcs...

After Kiara’s successful return, we set about finding a guide to lead us to Olleth. They were much more receptive to our offer than previously, and we soon had five possible candidates. We interviewed them and reviewed their references and equipment. Following this process we narrowed the list down to the two cheapest options: Ed, a tall good looking human male and Olaf a burly Neanderthal. After some consideration we decided to employ Olaf, mostly because he looked more fierce and prepared. On Olaf’s advice we purchased a pair of dog sleds with teams, trail rations, and some potions.

We departed and traveled uneventfully for two weeks. Then we spotted a Yeti out hunting with a dog. Rhianna was able to realize that the Yeti was far from its usual hunting grounds, probably being driven down to lower elevations by the hard winter. As we watched the Yeti it turned and began running towards us. Knowing we couldn’t out run it we began to prepare for combat, while we kept moving hoping it would lose interest. As the Yeti approached with a hundred yards Bart threw out a handful of rations, which the Yeti quickly consumed. As it continued approaching the Bart threw out another group of rations which the Yeti’s dog got to first. After this the Yeti continued to follow us but maintained distance. It continued to the follow the rest of the day and Bart continued to throw rations to it. The next morning the yeti approached camp, and Bart and Rhianna went out to try and communicate it using a combination of interpretive dance and a comprehend languages spell. Eventually they were able to negotiate an amount of food in exchange for the Yeti leaving us alone.

A week after the yeti departed a storm began to approach from the mountains. We found a sheltered spot to pitch our tents. During the process the of setting camp the Yeti reappeared. After some discussion Bart was able to send it away, without giving it any more food. Sometime during the almost 4 days that the storm persisted, depositing 2-3’ of snow and raising drifts of monstrous proportions, the Yeti stole about a weeks supply of rations from one of our sleds. Between Olaf’s and Freya’s hunting skills we were able to make up for the missing rations.

Another week of travel brought us to the edges of the territory claimed by the Thunderfoot clan of orcs. As the border was marked by three heads on top spikes we debated whether it would be better to go around or try to run through hoping for the best. Not wanting to extend the journey with time it would take to go around we decided to attempt to go through. Freya suggested that if we flew a white flag they may not attack us, to which I responded we may be better off with flying a plague flag. Between myself and Rhianna we were able to create a plague flag which we flew as we crossed the Thunderfoot’s territory with great success. While we did see some evidence of orcs in the area we did not see any actual orcs.

Finally we reached our destination only to see a plume of smoke rising from the area where Olleth should have been.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket

A night of Cat Girls

As told by Verton Gall story teller of the Black oak tribe.

As out heroines departed the group in search of heroic adventure and after about a days walk came across the Black oak tribe after speaking with them they found out about the existence of Souris Géante and quickly began there search for him.

After a search for signs of him they found his tracks in the late afternoon snows following the tracks and tracked him coming upon his cave just as darkness started to fall. They took the time to sneak quietly into his cave finally firing a arrow into the cave the saw the shadow of a huge creature then a large creature charged toward them Kiara which she quickly dodged then jumped onto his back ridding and stabbing at the creature as it run from the cave and the burring bedding and stuff.

The two of them stabbed and fired bolts into him killing the creature then watching the fire burn in the cave then searched for the remains of the larger creature finding nothing.

So children before you run off on you own remember the Souris Géante is still out there.

Kiara the Valiant vs. the Vermin of Epic Proportions

My cousin and I valiantly set out to seek people in need and to prove our heroism. We came across a barbarian villiage where the children could not sleep and the parents cast constant fearful glances over their shoulders looking for a fearsome beast that had been ravaging the countryside. Cheese was vanishing from dairies, entire fields of grain were being cut to stubble. Small children saw looming shadows with gleaming eyes outside their windows at night!

We pursued the beast into the countryside following the trail to a dank, gaping cave that opened before us like a pit to the underworld. We heard ominous rustlings from within and quickly fired a flaming arrow towards the noise. The light from the flames revealed a looming black shape the size of a hut in the back of the cavern! The beast charged baring teeth as long as swords and Kiara leapt onto its back. As she rode it like a bull, the beast wriggled and sunk its teeth into her arm. I slashed the beast and Kiara shook it loose, climbing higher onto its back. I used my sword to fend off the snapping jaws and Kiara swung her dagger up into the night sky before bringing it down and ending the beast once and for all.

As the beast gasped its dying breath I chopped the head off to be mounted and to show the children that there is one less monster creeping in the night.

On Down the Road

After leaving the prisoners from the group that attacked us with the authorities in the next town. We continued on our way to Holgersson, and arrived unmolested about a week before the winter solstice. Upon arriving we reported to the castle to request an audience with Palar the White to deliver the first crystal ball. After showing the ball and letter of recommendation form Nigal Mansel we were granted an audience in a weeks time. Over the intervening week we sold the spoils from the battle, and Freya, Kirara and Rhianna shopped for some clothing appropriate for a royal audience.

When we arrived for the audience the guards outside the of the chamber offered us heavy cloaks before we entered. Realizing that the king is a white dragon and that it would probably be quite cold in there the party accepted the cloaks with the exception of Bart who declined. We entered into the frigid audience chamber that looked like an ice cave lined on each side by large metallic golems with a massive white dragon lounging at the opposite end. A guard, carrying the crystal ball on a velvet cushion presented it to the King as we told him the about the ball and our journey to deliver it to him. There was a brief whispered exchange between the king and his adviser that seemed to be the continuation of some old discussion or argument, that the king did not enjoy which lowered the temperature in the room a few degrees. The King thanked us for our service with gifts of 25lbs of mithral and 10lbs of adamantine and use of the royal armorer to shape them into something useable. Before left we were told that the adviser would like to speak with us. The King also took special notice of Bart, identifying his heritage and deity by sent, and warning him that he would be easily tracked by an intelligent creature.

After leaving the King we went to meet the with the adviser. The first thing that he asked us was whether our king cared for magic in the world. We could truthfully answer that we had no idea. We did however notice that the adviser was wearing a ring with the same same symbol that was on the pamphlets that we took off our attackers. When questioned about this he was quite reasonable and willing to discuss his organization and declare that we were attacked by some rogue members. As we learned from the adviser and our study of the pamphlets that the Gûl Man, as the organization is know, believes that the irresponsible and frivolous use of magic risks damaging or depleting the source to the point where magic would cease to function. They do not have any real evidence of to support that magic is being harmed or will be damaged in the future as there is no practical way to attempt testing their theories. He did offer some anecdotal evidence that could be supportive, less mages being born among humans and neanderthals (people with a true gift for magic as he explained it), also that their are rumors that the population of dragons is in decline. The Gûl Man would like to see the use of magic regulated in some way by the kings or guilds to limit the chances of lasting harm being done to the source. As a group we remain highly skeptical of these theories. I am personally very interested in determining if there is any truth behind them. Although I wonder if it may not be better to allow magic to be destroyed, rather then trust the kings or guilds to regulate and control its use. Taking are leave of the adviser, he told us that we would likely be able to easily acquire an audience with him or the king in the future should the need arise.

We stayed in Holgersson for the solstice celebration and waiting for the Kings armorers to finish the party’s requests. Bart had a mithral breastplate made and enchanted, Freya had a adamantine longsword made and enchanted, Kirara and Rhianna had adamantine rapiers made. I took 2000gp and, with a 100gp loan from Bart, bought a Cloak of Resistance. During the solstice festival a priestess pronounced that it would be a bad winter, and it began to snow lightly. The snow did not prove any hindrance as we left Holgersson to continue our journey.

We made it into the lands of Dotonia and immediately noticed the difference between them and Ragna. The roads were well maintained and heavily patrolled by knights. They also hold women in an especially high regard. They also hold a special hatred for slavers. We made it Bannockburn and began to look for a guide to take us the remainder of the way to Olleth. The first prospect, Randi a female catfolk (as if we didn’t already have enough cat hair covering everything), informed us that no one here would take us as long as we are traveling with Kirara. When we pressed her for a reason it seams that somehow Kirara’s family is some how responsible or blamed for the death of their tribes chieftain and is now presona non grata among the catfolk of the region. As we talked to her more and although she was beginning to develop a dislike of Bart she agreed to take us if Kirara could prove herself by completing a heroic deed. As Kirara and her cousin left to see to that Bart, Freya, and I kicked our feet up in the inn with a steady supply of drink to wait on their return.
-Devon Ae Zarzuket

Road Trip

The party received a note from Nigal Mansel with the promise of employment for approximately nine months. After some speculation as to the nature of the job and the biology of the world we went to meet with meet with Nigal.

At the meeting the job was introduced as a simple courier mission. Well maybe not so simple, this would be the second attempt to deliver a pair of crystal balls. The first group, selected for being fast riders, to make the attempt disappeared a little over two weeks after they left along with there package. The first crystal ball was intended to be delivered to the court of Palar the White in Holgersson, and the second is to go to the Mayor of Olleth. With the goal of creating a communications network to allow near instantaneous communication between far flung kingdoms.

After some serious security questions about who knew about the balls and the first attempt. At this point we found out that Nigal’s role in the court is that of spymaster. With no obvious breaches in security or any to shield the balls from unwanted scrying we accepted the job. For the job we were promised 3500gp each, 1000gp upfront and 2500 to be paid on our return. We were also supplied with 500gp for expenses, and horses were made available for those who needed them. After a week in town to gather some supplies we departed with a caravan bound for Herecot.

Leaving the caravan in Herecot, we continued on along the road towards Cwmecol. In an inn past Cwmecol we got the first confirmation that the first group passed through ahead of us about month prior.

Some time after this Bart was approached by some local crazy claiming that if we succeeded magic would be destroyed or some such nonsense.

The next day as we traveled along we stumbled upon the graves of the first group. One of which contained the shattered Crystal Ball.

A few hours after leaving the graves we were accosted by a group of thugs lead by the local crackpot. They demanded that we hand over the balls. They freely admitted to killing the first group. Convinced that they were nuts and certain they were murders we declined to give them the balls instead Rhianna attempted to bluff them with the broken crystal ball that we recovered from the grave, with some success until we learned the first group only had one ball. Thinking quickly I handed Rhianna a flask of alchemist fire in sack. Which she hurled into on of the thugs, only to have her horse shot and then taken down by a ferocious beast of shadows before she could retreat. Bart, Freya, and Kirara charged forward to into battle to rescue her. The shadowy beast was soon joined by one of the thugs and a puma in its assault on Rhiaana. I herocially released my arcane might on our attackers. Things were looking grim when Rhiaana overwhlemed by her attackers fell to the ground after Kirara was forced to withdrawal. The beast of shadows then turned its attention to me, as successfully drew it away from my companions. Bart and Freya managed to successfully close with the enemy casters and archers forcing them into a melee battle. As Kirara valiantly rushed back in to draw her fallen cousins attackers off so that she might be able to recover, The shadowy beast killed my horse out from under me. After diving safely to the earth I blasted the shadowy monster back to whatever hell had spawned it. Kirara finished her cousins attacker and with their morale broken one of the thugs and the crack pot in charge fled leaving three of the thugs to surrender.

After the battle we recovered: 200gp, 2 trained light war horses, 1 trained war pony, 2 setts of studded leather barding (medium sized), 1 longsword, 1 longbow, 1 masterwork breastplate, 1 masterwork quarterstaff, 1 set of wooden armor, 1 masterwork great sword (small), 1 masterwork longbow (small), and 1 breastplate (small).

I claimed the pony and 1 set of barding to replace my fallen mount.
-Devon Ae Zarzuket

Day 3

Party brain stormed And Decided to talk to Leonerd Nesmore

Talked to Leonard got mine map and then talked to villagers to get help from Woodsman and Miners and Town guard. Planed post battle and hog roast.

Fought with villigeers

Or maybe not

The Party started out at the Lorcan fall festival.

Bart purchased a MW weapon

Freya raced in a hose race and finished 3rd (the dice did not help much at all)

Then the party was offered a job by Nigal Mansel to hope a small town clear out a “infestation” of small creatures. (Paid 60 gp up front and 100 more upon completion of the mission.)

The party gathered there gear and headed for Innishire (about a 7 day trip) and once there Meet with the towns watch commander and a few commoners to find out what was up.

They found out that the “creatures” were living at the old mine and seemed to cause bad things to happen to the locals.

They figured out from descriptions that the creatures were some sort of gremlin and went out to the mine to investigate.

On the way to the mine they noticed that a eagle was observing them and warned the camp that they were coming.

Once they got to the camp at the edge of the clearing they noticed that the clearing may have been booby trapped.

Observations of the camps revealed 20+ of the creatures in question.

After a short discussion the party decided to attack and charged across the open field. Taking heavy damage the party then decided to retreat and headed back to town to lick their wounds.

Party reported their findings to the towns watch commander and decided to try to gather materials to collapse the mine.

Session ended for the night.
Wounder what happens next time?
Feel free to add detail to this.

In the begining
Yes that

Bart meet a local farmer with a issue and proceeded to gather the party, they turned Sir Relep Back from stone to a person then helped Sir Relep Find and defeat a Medusa. Sir Relp thanks the party by arranging Nigel Mansel to find them a job and he rewarded them with 300gp.


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