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When I regained consciousness we were back in the city. Somehow the few that were left standing after the battle with drake had managed to bring the rest of us back. We paid to have Stellon raised from the dead, but after his death experience he decided to retire from adventuring and manage his estate.

As we set around in a tavern we noticed a kobold staring at us from across the room, and Freya motioned him over. The kobold was notable in part because he was armed, he had successfully managed to sneak into the city around the guards. In broken common the kobold explained that he wanted to join our group and that he was highly skilled with a bow. A group that he had previously been a part of called him ‘Shooter’ and he suggested we do the same because hos draconic name was difficult.

While in town we picked up Rhianna’s books. In the stack of books was one called ‘The Source.’ It discussed the sources for the elements and magics. It gave a description of the source looked or felt like and that each element or magic form had its own source which are located geographically opposite from each other on the planet. However, it appeared that the pages that would have contained the exact positions of the sources were missing. Whether they were removed from the original book or were just not copied we don’t know. The book also contained information on the guardians for each source. Interestingly the group responsible for guarding the source of arcane magic is called the Gûl Man. Whether or not the group we’ve encountered using the same name is linked we’re not sure. The last piece of information we found in the book was that if one source is destroyed its opposite would likely destroy the world. But if all of them were destroyed simultaneously the world ‘might’ be okay.

We continued traveling south towards the wall. On the way we encountered a chimera. When it attacked we dispatched it with only minor injuries.
-Devon Ae Zarzuket (2000xp)


Continuing south we found an ominous looking cave and began a brief investigation. It appeared to be inhabited by a drake. Not wanting to tempt fate and still being loaded down with loot we decided to go to the nearby city and sell our loot before attempting to do anything with the drake.

The city was populated by orcs and an assortment of other races, although it was obvious that non-orcs were second class citizens before we even made it to the gate. Rhianna choose to disguise herself as an orc and went through the orcs only line. the rest of us lined up in the slower moving non orc line. Stellon was the first of us to reach the gate and the guards began a lengthy interrogation. When they refused to let his pets enter the city he exchanged some harsh words with the guard and stormed of to plant his grove a short distance away. I went next treating the guard like a mushroom, and successfully entered city. On the way through the gate the guard handed me a pamphlet on the cities rules that listed almost everything but breathing as punishable by death, and that was considered questionable. The rest of the group made through mostly without incident, Kysmae refused to enter when they asked him to check his axe, Eiri was instructed to report at the temple district for additional instructions, and Kiara after confessing to committing a crime was made to wear a collar.

As it turned out the city was very dedicated to some god or goddess of justice and inquisitors were every watching for any breach in their law. I spent the day wandering through the city and taking in the sights. Rhianna, disguised as an orc, took care of the parties business in the city and went into the library in search of information about the region and the wall. Being a bard she also found some local music. By the end of the day I was tired of being looked at like a suspected criminal and hadn’t found anything worthwhile in the city. So I left the city for Stellon’s grove, purchasing a keg of good beer on my way out.

Needing to wait a few days for Rhianna’s books to get copied we ventured back to the drake’s lair. Our first thought was to see if it could be persuaded into an alliance. With this in mind we entered the cave and began to talk to the creature. It soon became apparent that the drake had no intention of joining us, and was most likely planning on eating us if it got the chance. It became entirely expendable when it admitted that drakes were not being subjected to the same persecution that was being directed at other members of dragonkind in the region.

We attacked the drake with Stellon surprising it with a flamestrike. The drake trapped most of the party with a black tentacles, and from there things went downhill. Our fighters failed to coordinate their assaults allowing the drake to tear them apart one by one. Leaving Eiri to busy to do anything but heal. Ruaridh, Stellon, and I pummeled it with massive amounts of elemental damage, but we couldn’t bring it down before it got most of us. Kiara finally snuck in and delivered the final blow.

My spirit met death but managed to distract him long enough to sneak back into my battered body.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket (1500xp, 980gp from sold loot)

The Kolbolds go to War

We road up the column Kolbold cavalry until we found the chieftain, and stopped alongside the road to speak with him. The attitude of the troopers and the chief was grim. When asked about the morale of his troopers he admitted that they were not going to win this battle as they were out numbered at least 4 to 1, but despite the odds they had no choice but to strike. There attack was meant to delay the enemies advance, allowing the village time to evacuate. Their tribe had been attacked several times by rivals who wanted to seize their resources, which included a mithral mine. Not being able to stop this attack and facing the increasing anti-dragon sentiments in the region they were leaving and resettle somewhere else, although they didn’t know were. Seeing the opportunity to use us to improve the impact of their strike on the enemy, the chief offered us each 1000 gold pieces plus whatever treasure we found if we would sneak around the lizardfolk army and kill its 4 generals.

With this offer we withdrew a short distance to discuss whether we should get involved or not. While we did this I took the time to contact Nigal, to find out if he could make arrangements to resettle the kobolds. Nigal responded that Stellon should draw up an agreement to settle them on his lands in exchange for a three fold increase in his holdings. As a group we decided that we should help the kobolds in their fight after a brief discussion.

Stellon made arrangements for the chief to move his people to his lands, leaving some final details to be decided between their wives. With that taken care of, we agreed to undertake the chief’s mission.

The mission went off flawlessly. We made our way around the army and found the generals unguarded in the rear of the army separated from any support. We quickly dealt with them and loaded up the loot. Before we left we took a few actions to sow confusion in the ranks of the lizardfolk army.

When we found the chief after the battle the his army had been reduced in size by about half. They had done better than expected. The kobolds started their long journey north and we continued on our way south.
-Devon Ae Zarzuket (1000xp, 1000gp+loot to be divided)

The Journey Continues

We left Conakry after speaking with the ancient elven sage, and decided to travel overland towards the wall rather than hazard an ocean voyage.

Our travels south progressed uneventfully. Of note we met an orc merchant riding a bison, and we were attacked by Shocker Lizards. We decided to travel along with the orc merchant for a the time being, and the Shocker Lizards were little more than a minor annoyance.

As we approached a settlement, as an army of kobolds riding antelopes was leaving. I talked to the scouts the that rode up to meet us. The scouts told us that they were going to do battle against some lizardfolk that were causing problems for their tribe. The scouts suggested we go and talk to their chief if we wanted more information, and that they might be interested in hiring some mercenaries.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket (800xp)

Sage Thyme

Holy Mother of Fortune, please accept my most humble obeisances.

It has been too long since I’ve taken the time to write in my journal. It has been a trying journey, but we shall soon find some answers when we arrive tomorrow at Conakry and meet with the resident sage. For my part, I’m relieved to put treacherous Tsarsas behind us.

However, even in these difficult days, I must admit that the Lady has smiled upon my path. As we made out way through that dark land, I crossed paths — quite literally! — with a slave and was able to purchase his freedom. He’s a young male gnome named Thiago, and he has agreed to travel with us as we head south, at least until we’re in safer territory. His master was a perfect gentleman… were it not for his acceptance of slavery, I’d find no fault with him. He treated our entire party to a fine meal, and when it came time to make him an offer, I was generous with my gold. He returned the generosity by sweetening the deal with an enormous wheel of pleasantly sharp cheese produced on his estate with milk from his sheep. Thiago is shy and quiet, but he has some training with a blade and shows some interest in learning more about Gada. We were all slow to trust Thiago at first, but I have faith that’ll he prove a valuable member of our team, at least until we part ways. He received a decent education, he knows a few languages, and he’s already proved himself useful with identifying some of the plants native to the southern regions.

Lastly, a confession. When our party has been forced to fight, I’ve often found myself of little use beyond offering prayers, healing injuries, and fortifying my comrades. I realize that they all appreciate my contributions, but I still feel like I’m not as useful as I’d like. I’ve been praying to the Holy Mother for strength, and I believe that she has answered my prayers. Last night I dreamed of a great battle where my friends and I were facing terrible adversaries at every turn. I called out for strength from Gada and was rewarded with animals and beasts who fought along side us and helped vanquish our foes. I know that Gada has graced me with new powers to summon divine aid. I would be telling an untruth if I were to deny that part of me is eager for a chance to try out these new gifts.

The hour is late, so I must retire. Tomorrow should prove enlightening, and I’m sure I’ll be thankful what sleep I can get tonight.



We will be gaming it looks like it will be just the guys. Tim Do you have Hero Lab on your lap top so people can update my laptop is kind of temporarily out of commission.


(Disclaimer: This is being posted like 4 months late, so best guess as to what happened)

We crossed into Tsarsas with some minor difficulty at the boarder and continued traveling south. Since Lorican is not on the best of the of terms with Tsarsas and we have issues with slavery, we decided it would be best to get through the country as quickly as possible. The eight of us were not going to be able to overthrow the practice of slavery on our own.

The plan went well until Eiri almost ran over a slave as we passed through a town. Eiri ended up buying the slave with the intention of releasing him once we got somewhere safe.

We continued south,until the noise of of some one approaching our camp disturbed us in the night. Stellon launched a flame strike killing several escaped slaves. Shortly after that several slave hunters appeared demanding compensation for the escaped slaves. After some negotiation Stellon paid them off, although there was some serious discussion about killing them and running for the border.

We finally made it to the Conakry in Gabon and were able to meet with the ancient elf, and he was able to tell us some of what happened around the time the wall fell. It seems that some charismatic chieftain or war leader was able to unite the uncivilized races and lead a campaign against the civilization. They seemingly breached the wall using gigantic siege engines, seemingly mundane means not big flashy magic like one would expect. The rest they were able to accomplished through shear numbers.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket (Level to 8th)

Attack of the Werebears

We returned to the village sometime after nightfall without incident. After we got back we went to one of the local temples to get some healing and I ingested some wolfsbane and successfully purged the disease form my system. While we were in the temple a commotion started out in the village. In order to see what was happening we went up to the temples roof and looked out. What we saw was a small child wondering in from the surrounding farms towards the village center. Freya, Stellon, Eiri and I went to see what was going on with the child while Kiara and Ruaridh went to find some more silversheen at the local alchemist shop.

When we approached the child we saw that he had been injured but did not appear to have contracted lycanthropy. When we questioned him we he told us that he lived on a farm outside of town and that it had been attacked by monsters. By this point the villagers were starting to gather torches and pitchforks to go out after the werebears. Luckily, Freya was able to at least temporarily talk them out of it. After a brief discussion we headed out into the night to the farm that the boy lived at, but by the time we got there the werebears had left. Freya and Stellon were able to find some tracks and we followed them to another farmstead.

When we got there we caught 3 werebears in the house with about a half dozen farmers. We rushed to the house and managed to save most of the farmers. Sadly the werebears killed 3 of them before we could stop them. We killed 2 of the werebears but there leader got a way. We did try to track her but she eluded us in the woods.

We waited in the village for a few days, but there were no further issues with the werebears occurred and we continued our journey south.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket (2000xp)


Following the ambush we searched the forest for wolfsbane. Freya and Stellon where a patch of it would have been but it had been harvested several months ago when it would have been in season. Leaving the cure for later we went back to where we were ambushed and followed the trail left by the escaping werebears back to their lair.

Once outside the lair we began to make preparations to go in after the remaining werebears. Unfortunately our preparations were noticed and several sling stones came shooting out of the cave at us. Once we entered the cave we moved through it quickly, killing a dozen more werebears, with only a few complications. The first was when Kiara’s sword was stolen be one of the werebears. The next was the when the lantern ignited a fire trap and caught several of party members in the blast and then a pool of burning oil. Then we encounter several ballistas that had been rigged to pressure plates. Finally a series of pit traps that caught both Staccato and Kiara.

We found a journal in the cave, that revealed that the weres attacked the village after the villagers had killed several cubs. We also suspect that several weres may have escaped using a hidden tunnel in the back of the cave.

With the sun setting we are now ready to head back to the village.
-Devon Ae Zarzuket (800xp)


We made it back to Hightower and reported the events of are mission in Tinuviel to Nigal. We were given 1200gp(?) as our reward and a couple weeks off.

Most of our time off was uneventful. Except that Rhianna was hounded by the local bard’s college for not paying dues. Also during our time off the I was able to confer with my researcher and discovered that he had made some progress. He had uncovered that the each of the elements (Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Magic, and the Divine) come into the world from a specific source. We still don’t know where or what these sources maybe. He also let me know that some representatives of the Gûl Man had inquired into his research.

For are next mission Nigal wanted us to travel back south to Gabon to ask an ancient elf about the events around the time the wall collapsed. Along the way Nigal asked us to deliver a message in Nolg. We took a few days to prepare and then set off south down the Coast Road.

The trip progressed uneventfully until we reached Narek. While traveling into one of the cities Freya spotted someone she recognized from the village where she grew up. As they talked she learned that the her village had been recently attacked by some kind of monsters. After asking a few more questions we figured out that the the monsters were some kind of Were. Armed with this knowledge we stocked up on silversheen before heading to her village.

Once we got to the village, Freya and Stellon went out and searched for tracks. Even though it had been two weeks since the attack they managed to find some. Having found the tracks we followed them into the woods. We made good progress until the forest exploded with Were-bears and bears. They almost took us completely by surprise, only Freya and Staccato saw it coming. We succeeded in killing several of the Were-bears and most of the bears before they escaped back into the forest. In the aftermath everyone was pretty badly hurt, but no one but me had an infected bite. With a little over two days until the next full moon hopefully we can finish the Werebears and find a cure before I go furry.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket (800xp)


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