Dragon Relocation Project
Narek, Nolg, Gabon

Our next stop on our Dragon relocation commission was Narek, our friend Freya’s motherland. After some negotiations, we eventually realized that the Empress’ only concerns lay in harboring the weaker kobolds in a land where they might seek out and be overcome by certain…afflictions. Since we hadn’t really put much effort yet into finding homes for the miscellaneous small tribes of planar, primal, and fairy dragons which had no populations of kobolds to worry about, this worked out well, and the Empress believes they can all find homes within her Empire if needed. The fairy dragons might be especially excited to hear about her advisor, whom my cousin kindly pointed out must be a fairy dragon cleric.
We were unwelcome in and wanted nothing to do with Raisim and Thanasis, so we saved some time and skipped those.
We then visited Nolg, home of the Neanderthals. We noticed a distict lack of strong, centralized government. However, despite our best efforts, we were not able to convince the Neanderthals of Nolg what a great idea it would be to invite Red Dragons into their country, sorry Red. They did at least agree to take the Brass Dragons, so maybe soon Palor will have a friendly Brass Dragon King to work with.
Gabon agreed to let the Blue Dragons settle in their deserts, since they’re not exactly prime real estate anyway, and a little extra might will be welcome at the edge of the civilized lands.

With only the Blacks and Reds left, we headed to Tsarsas, a country with plenty of mountainous areas and swampier areas where we hope both the reds and blacks respectively might find comfortable homes. Upon reaching the capitol, we are informed that the King has gathered his army and ridden out to stop an army of orcs that has been spotted just on the other side of the mountain range. We rode fast to catch up to the King and see if we can aide him in any way. We caught up to them in their position at the top of the mountain pass, where they are expecting the orc armies to march into in roughly a day. Rhianna has already begun using her lyre to build traps while the rest of us figure out how we can most effectively help to prepare and then fight in the upcoming battle.

Moibor & Erhart

We have successfully negotiated for the relocation of bronze and yellow dragons and kobolds to the kingdom of Moibor. On our way there, the Gul Man arranged to discretely give us blueprints for a temple that was under construction in Moibor. These blueprints detailed a method for concentrating magic into specific spell casters, which would be both highly desirable yet also extremely dangerous to the balance of magic- once word got out, everyone would want to build their own, and we estimated it would take only about 2,000 of these temples to completely drain a magic source, or even fewer if scaled up to larger temples. We shared our concerns with the king, whom we were pleased to find so amicable and agreeable. He had not been aware of these concerns, and promised to make adjustments even though construction of the temple had already started and a lot had been invested in it, but we thought you should be aware of this concern as well, in case our efforts were too little or too late.

Erhart- we have, after considerable discussion and negotiations with the guilds of Erhart, secured sanctuary here for copper and brine dragons and kobolds.


We set off toward what would probably be our hardest sell- Tinuviel. Last time we were here, we were rather instrumental in fanning the flames of revolution between the catfolk and their oppressive elven rulers, although not quite in a way we would have preferred. But, if we are fortunate, no one knows it was us. We have not heard of a bounty on our heads in this land anyway.

As we were making haste along the main roads, we noticed a rider ahead of us on the road, approaching rapidly. I excused myself to find a strategic position from off the road, in case of conflict, but that proved to be unnecessary. The rider was a bannerman for Erwin Stevenson, the catfolk who took a particular shine to Freya during our vacation of the doppelgangers. He is a lesser nobility here, and invited us to stay with him during our visit to the country. We gratefully accepted, and as we approached his keep we got to see just how bad the situation has gotten here- The news boards are covered with very convincing propaganda, our hosts were facing financial difficulties, etc. 

We settled in, asked Erwin about contacting the leader of the revolution to consult with him before making our official proposal to the king, and got the low-down on the situation with the King.  He, of course, is very much opposed to any change because change threatens his established power. However, we may be able to convince him to harbor some dragons, as their longevity might place them politically more in line with the elves and other long lived races. Then, if we can persuade them to take in the dragons kobold “servants” or something, we might be able to improve the balance of political power. We shall see. On the other hand, the king’s eldest son, ____, is in favor of scientific advancement and modernization, though it is possibly not a very strategic move for him, and he may get himself disinherited if he pushes his father any more than he already has. Still, he may have some suggestions for us.

When we went to try to schedule a meeting with the King, we were very much taken aback to hear that they have been anticipating us- and insist on holding a parade in our honor, much to our vexation. However, it would take a few days to prepare for the parade, and in the mean time we were invited to either join them in the palace, or stay with our friends. We were loath to split up, yet on the other hand, we wished to have the opportunity to meet with both the prince and the resistance leader before our meeting with the king. Fortunately, this was resolved in a beneficial way when our elf companion threw a minor fit at the suggestion of missing out on staying in the palace, while Freya insisted that she couldn’t shun Erwin’s generous invitation. So we split up, with us catfolk staying with Erwin while the others moved to the castle.

We had our meeting with the resistance leaders, and they asked us to be very careful not to do anything to aggravate the situation. When I asked their opinion on the parade, which I thought was suspicious, they told me flat out, no question, it is a trap, and the catfolk will take the fall for anything that goes wrong. I thanked them, asked for any locations they could suggest for viewing the parade (which we’d be “in”)

So, when we met up with the other half of the party, we shared info, and devised a plan for the parade, whereby Devon would invisibly fly above the parade and cast an illusion of our party while the rest of us watched from a convenient building recommended by the resistance.
We were quite glad for our plan when, mid-parade, several explosions went off and attackers descended upon our fake party. Devon managed to hold the illusion just long enough to pull off a plausible teleport effect, and the assassins evaporated, as they do. Most of us scurried down out of the building to calm the crowd, while Rhianna did some bardic magic to get their attention and reassure them, and we got the situation under control quite effectively, if I may say so.

A Wayside Venture

Traveling between Dotonia and Epegard we were ambushed in the night by pixies or some other tiny flying nuisance. When we pursued them we found an old tower abandoned in the forest. The next morning we began investigating the tower, with Kiara leading the way to check for traps. After passing many traps we found a large library and then a room filled with flail snails. We defeated the snails and are ready to continue searching the towers basement.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket


Our first stop on our diplomatic tour of Melothia was Dotonia. On our arrival we were given a grand welcome with parades and feasting. However, at some point during the excitement Kiara went missing, as it would turn out the hammer had sensed the coin and demanded it be found. Somehow she managed to retrieve it.

Our talks with Dotonia went much easier than we expected. Dotonia has a rich history of dragon slaying and understandably there are some hard feelings on both sides. They also have a rather large handle that was easy to use in the negotiations. Dotonia exists on the frontier setting in a gap in the mountain range, when the war starts they will be among the first to be hit. Knowing that they want as much support as possible it was easy to get their cooperation. We indicated that if they accepted some kobolds and dragons that they would be able to count on them in a fight, also we implied that both Ragna and Lorican would be willing to lend aide when needed. This offer was well recieved and they agreed to take on some of the gold or silver dragons and accompanying kobolds. The only wrinkle in the negotiations was that one of the Jade dragons had already offered 10,000 samurai for Dotonia’s defense, but our offer was better.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket (9,000gp each+1,000gp for party fund each; 2,500xp)

Keeping the Peace

We returned north and arrived back in time for our appointment with Palar the White. The job he had for us was to provide some additional security for a conference he was holding to discuss the uncivilized races war on dragons. All of the participants in this conference were dragons, and as such Palar was not expecting us to protect them. Instead he wanted us to ensure that there where no incidents between the dragons’ entourages. In addition to that task Palar asked if we could lend any assistance in convincing the dragons to help the kobolds. either by extending them some form of protection or convincing them to relocate and abandon the uncivilized lands.

The first part of our job was surprisingly uneventful. The only incident of note was that a near bar fight between the paladin followers of the gold dragon and the red dragon’s soldiers. The paladins took offense to the way the soldiers were treating the serving wench. and were preparing to intervene when I sent Freya in to defuse the situation. With a little help she was able to work out an understanding between the two groups, as long as the serving wench didn’t ask the red soldiers to stop the paladins would intervene, but if the serving wench asked the to stop and they didn’t the paladins were free to make them.

For the second part of the job we set about fact finding. We learned that dragons seem to have an affinity for kobolds that match there color, and that some of them already willing adopt them or at least tolerate their presence. From the kobolds we learned that for the most part they want a place they can call there own, to be treated with some level of respect, and to generally not be stepped on. We also gathered that some of the dragons at the conference were already under attack and that was their primary focus.

With this information I started inquiring among some of the ambassadors that were also in town to observe if there nations might be willing to temporarily host dragons and or kobolds. I was able to raise some interest in this proposal. Of course, word got back to Palar about what I was doing and he called us in to ask what exactly we were thinking. I explained my reasoning to Palar: Because the dragons are already under pressure they would be harder to convince to help, but if we could provide them with a safe haven in exchange for a mutual defense agreement and there help with the kobolds they may be more inclined to be persuaded. The dragons would of course be welcomed as honored guest and allies, not refugees. Palar saw the wisdom in my plan and gave it his endorsement by having diplomatic papers drawn up and commissioning us to carry the proposal to all nations.

Before we set out we’re hoping to be able to recruit some kobolds and maybe even a dragon to accompany us as representatives of their races.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket (4,500xp)


We participated in two of the three arena battles that we were supposed, emerging victorious from both. Before the third fight we learned that a former champion named Shiv had replaced the creature that we were supposed to fight, at the request of the Necromancer lich Grell the Neurous (who wants us dead for some unknown reason). Rather than face the giant we elected to flee.

Also, Rhianna made jerky.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket (5000xp)

FUBARed Again

We traveled south to Rasim uneventfully in search of the abandoned temple that held the artifact that would suppress my seneschal’s fear effect. When we arrived at the area where the temple was supposed to be we found some one already excavating the site. Uncertain what our reception would be we decided to observe for awhile and quickly discovered that a cleric of Mulet. Not wanting to risk a giant fight by approaching the camp we decided to start our own dig nearby. Our dig went quickly and we soon reached the temple. However, once we broke through everything went wrong, Rhianna was enthralled and almost eaten by a snake demon. Which then teleported into the camp of the cultist and started causing chaos. I was attacked and chased off by invisible stalkers. In the aftermath most of the everyone was taken prisoner and I had no choice but turn myself in or abandon them. In the end this cultist who we probably should have just killed in the first place is tried to hold us responsible for the demon breaking loose, when it was already loose and it would have ended up rampaging through his camp eventually anyway. As recompense he’s demanding we fight in an arena battle to cover his losses. I’m still considering killing this bastard or torching his home on the way out of the country.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket


With all of our new holds investigated and at least semi-habitable we found ourselves with some downtime in the run up to the festival, this years was the grand tournament. This tourney attracts some of the finest knights and adventures from across the civilized realms to test their martial skills against each other in order to gain fortune and glory.

In the weeks before the tourney we made a quick trip to Ragna to ee Palar the White. We had know trouble gaining an audience with Palar himself, do to the fame of our journey south. we told him the tale of our journey and and the events along the way. We also had the opportunity to ask him some questions about the goddess Neesa. Palar was able to tell us that many of her early temples would be on the other continent and that her artifacts would probably be there or among the orcs. I was also able to inquire about an artifact to suppress my ghostly seneschal’s fear effect. Palar said that he knew of an idol in an abandoned temple to Josiah(?) in Rasim that would do the job. Before we left he told us to come back and see him in a few months, because he would have need of us then.

After returning form Ragna, Rhianna sequestered herself away to prepare for her performance and write her great ballad of our journey. The rest of took the time to take care of minor tasks and tend to our knew estates. In the days before the tourney Rhianna’s brother came into town for the tourney and wanted a place to stay and for her to provide introductions and play matchmaker while he was here. I had an impoverished knight from Dotonia show up and ask to use my stables, we worked out an deal where he could stay in exchange for a portion of any horses he might win.

At the tournament both Thiago and Freya competed, Rhianna was busy performing, Kiara worked on improving her social stature, Eiri continued planning for a monastery on his lands, and I spent much of my time looking for horses. Rhianna’s performance was an huge suggest and she even managed to improve some of the populations attitude towards the now resident kobold tribe. Kiara did succeed in improving her social status, although Rhianna did need to stage an intervention to get her moving in the right direction. Thiago was eliminated early in the tournament. Freya did slightly better making to the semi-finals before being eliminated. Eiri succeeded in recruiting several people to his monastery. I succeeded in purchasing 2 nice mares and my Dotonian guest surprised us all by beating Rhianna’s brother to win the joust, providing me with a few more stallions.

After the tourney ended we discussed our plans and elected to head for Rasim and raid the temple.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket (Level to 10)

Eiri message from the godess

Before we set off for Eiri’s hold he began having nightmares and getting different spells than what he requested each day. We traveled to his place and on the way he was able to deduce that some ancient battle had occurred there and the goddess Neesa was killed, and now Gada wanted him to do something about it. So we began search for the godess’ body. Eventually we tracked down the location of the tomb and made our entrance through a teleporting door. Once in side we were met by a collapsing ceiling, then various types of undead, and other traps. Eventually however we found our way into the godess’ burial chamber which was guarded by a daemon. Once we vanquished that the daemon we searched the burial chamber and found the godess’ body, he armor, and a riddle presumbaly including the directions to restore her. Nearby in a pit we found her hammer, which Kiara climbed down to retrieve. When she touched it activated a portal taking her out of the tomb. Once the rest of us ported out we found Kiara clutching the hammer. It was then that we figured out that the hammer was sentient and at to some extent controlling her.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket (2000xp & 10000xp)


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