Rhianna's Inn

With great expectations we approached my new hold appointed to me by Nigel. I requested a hold with an Inn, along a trading route, with a pretty stream, and a ready supply of fish to eat. We found the keep, abandoned and in slight disrepair. There is a small village around the keep with an Inn just out of town along the road. It is not too far from a larger city where I can go for the Lowel’s Building Supplies and the Costair’s Bulk Warehouse Supplies.

After checking out my keep, we proceeded on to the inn. There we found some shady characters, who simply weren’t very hospitable or talkative. We made some pleasant conversation, but when we got bored, we went and explored the inn. In the basement we innocently opened a door that someone had accidentally left locked and then CENSORED FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN.

Some time later, I am left with an abandoned inn, with a secret passage to a now abandoned house, and a new found lack of thieves guilds in this area.

I believe my new tenants will be happier with the reduction in thieves, but I have send a missive to Mabel at the Bard’s college. I’d like to hire a reputable Inn keeper, and stewart. I will do some basic repairs on the inn and keep to start, and some clean up, and then will roll a significant portion of any profits for the first year into improvements. I’ll be negotiating with Freya’s wood giants to see if I can get some affordable labor for the repairs. :)



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