Sage Thyme

Holy Mother of Fortune, please accept my most humble obeisances.

It has been too long since I’ve taken the time to write in my journal. It has been a trying journey, but we shall soon find some answers when we arrive tomorrow at Conakry and meet with the resident sage. For my part, I’m relieved to put treacherous Tsarsas behind us.

However, even in these difficult days, I must admit that the Lady has smiled upon my path. As we made out way through that dark land, I crossed paths — quite literally! — with a slave and was able to purchase his freedom. He’s a young male gnome named Thiago, and he has agreed to travel with us as we head south, at least until we’re in safer territory. His master was a perfect gentleman… were it not for his acceptance of slavery, I’d find no fault with him. He treated our entire party to a fine meal, and when it came time to make him an offer, I was generous with my gold. He returned the generosity by sweetening the deal with an enormous wheel of pleasantly sharp cheese produced on his estate with milk from his sheep. Thiago is shy and quiet, but he has some training with a blade and shows some interest in learning more about Gada. We were all slow to trust Thiago at first, but I have faith that’ll he prove a valuable member of our team, at least until we part ways. He received a decent education, he knows a few languages, and he’s already proved himself useful with identifying some of the plants native to the southern regions.

Lastly, a confession. When our party has been forced to fight, I’ve often found myself of little use beyond offering prayers, healing injuries, and fortifying my comrades. I realize that they all appreciate my contributions, but I still feel like I’m not as useful as I’d like. I’ve been praying to the Holy Mother for strength, and I believe that she has answered my prayers. Last night I dreamed of a great battle where my friends and I were facing terrible adversaries at every turn. I called out for strength from Gada and was rewarded with animals and beasts who fought along side us and helped vanquish our foes. I know that Gada has graced me with new powers to summon divine aid. I would be telling an untruth if I were to deny that part of me is eager for a chance to try out these new gifts.

The hour is late, so I must retire. Tomorrow should prove enlightening, and I’m sure I’ll be thankful what sleep I can get tonight.



Gada Giggles helplessly as she reads her followers wishes, knowing the path she has laid out before them.

Sage Thyme

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