The Great Kiara Hunt.

We began searching the city for Kiara, checking all of her usual haunts to know avail. Eventually we found our first lead, she purchased a large number of items from one of the local magic shops. Checking with some of her less reputable contacts revealed that she had been seen talking to some of the local assassins and ordering a hit on Nigal, this information was of course promptly relayed to Nigal. About the same time we heard reports of someone being found murdered in the street and then being seen alive later. When this was investigated we found that the old ladies house had been completely cleaned out of anything of value. From there we managed to track the goods to a pawn shop. From the pawn shop Stellon’s bear was able to track the sent to another house, when we went inside we found the family had been murdered and that the woman in the house matched the description of the elf woman who pawned the stuff from the old lady’s house. By talking to the neighbors we discovered that the elf woman ran one of the local trading houses. When we reached the trading house we found that the woman had left with a caravan heading north earlier that day. We made some quick preparations and set out after the caravan. We caught up with them that night at inn, and following a brief chase and struggle we captured the doppelganger. She didn’t know where Kiara was taken, but we did stop her from reporting back about the person who was directing the hunt against them. Kiara turned up on her own in the city a few days after we returned with a good story about her daring escape from the clutches of the evil doppelgangers. Nigal also beefed up security for his office by supply his ‘secretary’ with some goggles of true seeing.
-Devon Ae Zarzuket (500xp)



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