The Rest of the Way and The Wall

As we continued south it became apparent that we were being followed, by an ice mephit. Eiri decided to talk to it and find out why it was following us. He learned that it was watching us for his master and waiting to witness our deaths. As it turns out we may have been the target for the that assassination job we heard about in the city. He also turned up some information on the mephits master. His master is ancient and powerful, having played a key role in several conquering armies of the course of centuries. after this exchange we continued south letting it continue to follow us. After a few more days we noticed it have a brief conversation with an eidolon, probably sending a message to someone. Shooter and I waited for a good opportunity to attack and then drove it off with the help of the rest of the party. In the process we realized how powerful the mephit was and by extension his master.

Our journey continued with the natives becoming increasingly hostile as we got closer to the location of the wall. Most of the encounters did not prove to be exceedingly difficult but still drained away some of our resources. We did have one significant encounter with a group of undead, including a minor death, that seriously crippled and sickened several of us, but thankfully we were able to drive them with out any deaths.

Along the way we did encounter an ally of sorts. We ran into an neanderthal in strange armor with a nice horse. He was sole survivor of an expedition to from one of the civilized nations in the east. Their expedition reached the shores of this continent only to be set up by orcs and giants. He had managed to survive attack and lose his pursuers before meeting us. They had been dispatched to try and make contact with the civilized races on this continent in response to the same prophecy that we had received. He was disappointed to learn how poorly the civilized races in this part of the world had fared. We invited him to travel with us the rest of the way to the wall and then home.

We finally reached the wall. We found that it was still standing and that the breach was still visible, although construction of a gate house was underway in the breach. Kiara, shooter, and Rhianna snuck in for a closer look. From their investigation we learned that our side of the wall was covered in magical warding glyphs, it did not appear that magic was used to breach the wall,the siege engines that were used to breach the wall were still intact, and appeared to use some dwarven techniques in there construction. We also noticed that there were dwarves moving about the construction site working. We passed our preliminary findings back to Nigal, and need to investigate further especially the apparent involvement of dwarves in the attack on the wall and current construction.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket (1200xp, 856gp (from drake loot))(1500xp, 1000gp)



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