Our first stop on our diplomatic tour of Melothia was Dotonia. On our arrival we were given a grand welcome with parades and feasting. However, at some point during the excitement Kiara went missing, as it would turn out the hammer had sensed the coin and demanded it be found. Somehow she managed to retrieve it.

Our talks with Dotonia went much easier than we expected. Dotonia has a rich history of dragon slaying and understandably there are some hard feelings on both sides. They also have a rather large handle that was easy to use in the negotiations. Dotonia exists on the frontier setting in a gap in the mountain range, when the war starts they will be among the first to be hit. Knowing that they want as much support as possible it was easy to get their cooperation. We indicated that if they accepted some kobolds and dragons that they would be able to count on them in a fight, also we implied that both Ragna and Lorican would be willing to lend aide when needed. This offer was well recieved and they agreed to take on some of the gold or silver dragons and accompanying kobolds. The only wrinkle in the negotiations was that one of the Jade dragons had already offered 10,000 samurai for Dotonia’s defense, but our offer was better.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket (9,000gp each+1,000gp for party fund each; 2,500xp)



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