Dragon Relocation Project

Narek, Nolg, Gabon

Our next stop on our Dragon relocation commission was Narek, our friend Freya’s motherland. After some negotiations, we eventually realized that the Empress’ only concerns lay in harboring the weaker kobolds in a land where they might seek out and be overcome by certain…afflictions. Since we hadn’t really put much effort yet into finding homes for the miscellaneous small tribes of planar, primal, and fairy dragons which had no populations of kobolds to worry about, this worked out well, and the Empress believes they can all find homes within her Empire if needed. The fairy dragons might be especially excited to hear about her advisor, whom my cousin kindly pointed out must be a fairy dragon cleric.
We were unwelcome in and wanted nothing to do with Raisim and Thanasis, so we saved some time and skipped those.
We then visited Nolg, home of the Neanderthals. We noticed a distict lack of strong, centralized government. However, despite our best efforts, we were not able to convince the Neanderthals of Nolg what a great idea it would be to invite Red Dragons into their country, sorry Red. They did at least agree to take the Brass Dragons, so maybe soon Palor will have a friendly Brass Dragon King to work with.
Gabon agreed to let the Blue Dragons settle in their deserts, since they’re not exactly prime real estate anyway, and a little extra might will be welcome at the edge of the civilized lands.

With only the Blacks and Reds left, we headed to Tsarsas, a country with plenty of mountainous areas and swampier areas where we hope both the reds and blacks respectively might find comfortable homes. Upon reaching the capitol, we are informed that the King has gathered his army and ridden out to stop an army of orcs that has been spotted just on the other side of the mountain range. We rode fast to catch up to the King and see if we can aide him in any way. We caught up to them in their position at the top of the mountain pass, where they are expecting the orc armies to march into in roughly a day. Rhianna has already begun using her lyre to build traps while the rest of us figure out how we can most effectively help to prepare and then fight in the upcoming battle.



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