Keeping the Peace

We returned north and arrived back in time for our appointment with Palar the White. The job he had for us was to provide some additional security for a conference he was holding to discuss the uncivilized races war on dragons. All of the participants in this conference were dragons, and as such Palar was not expecting us to protect them. Instead he wanted us to ensure that there where no incidents between the dragons’ entourages. In addition to that task Palar asked if we could lend any assistance in convincing the dragons to help the kobolds. either by extending them some form of protection or convincing them to relocate and abandon the uncivilized lands.

The first part of our job was surprisingly uneventful. The only incident of note was that a near bar fight between the paladin followers of the gold dragon and the red dragon’s soldiers. The paladins took offense to the way the soldiers were treating the serving wench. and were preparing to intervene when I sent Freya in to defuse the situation. With a little help she was able to work out an understanding between the two groups, as long as the serving wench didn’t ask the red soldiers to stop the paladins would intervene, but if the serving wench asked the to stop and they didn’t the paladins were free to make them.

For the second part of the job we set about fact finding. We learned that dragons seem to have an affinity for kobolds that match there color, and that some of them already willing adopt them or at least tolerate their presence. From the kobolds we learned that for the most part they want a place they can call there own, to be treated with some level of respect, and to generally not be stepped on. We also gathered that some of the dragons at the conference were already under attack and that was their primary focus.

With this information I started inquiring among some of the ambassadors that were also in town to observe if there nations might be willing to temporarily host dragons and or kobolds. I was able to raise some interest in this proposal. Of course, word got back to Palar about what I was doing and he called us in to ask what exactly we were thinking. I explained my reasoning to Palar: Because the dragons are already under pressure they would be harder to convince to help, but if we could provide them with a safe haven in exchange for a mutual defense agreement and there help with the kobolds they may be more inclined to be persuaded. The dragons would of course be welcomed as honored guest and allies, not refugees. Palar saw the wisdom in my plan and gave it his endorsement by having diplomatic papers drawn up and commissioning us to carry the proposal to all nations.

Before we set out we’re hoping to be able to recruit some kobolds and maybe even a dragon to accompany us as representatives of their races.

-Devon Ae Zarzuket (4,500xp)



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