We set off toward what would probably be our hardest sell- Tinuviel. Last time we were here, we were rather instrumental in fanning the flames of revolution between the catfolk and their oppressive elven rulers, although not quite in a way we would have preferred. But, if we are fortunate, no one knows it was us. We have not heard of a bounty on our heads in this land anyway.

As we were making haste along the main roads, we noticed a rider ahead of us on the road, approaching rapidly. I excused myself to find a strategic position from off the road, in case of conflict, but that proved to be unnecessary. The rider was a bannerman for Erwin Stevenson, the catfolk who took a particular shine to Freya during our vacation of the doppelgangers. He is a lesser nobility here, and invited us to stay with him during our visit to the country. We gratefully accepted, and as we approached his keep we got to see just how bad the situation has gotten here- The news boards are covered with very convincing propaganda, our hosts were facing financial difficulties, etc. 

We settled in, asked Erwin about contacting the leader of the revolution to consult with him before making our official proposal to the king, and got the low-down on the situation with the King.  He, of course, is very much opposed to any change because change threatens his established power. However, we may be able to convince him to harbor some dragons, as their longevity might place them politically more in line with the elves and other long lived races. Then, if we can persuade them to take in the dragons kobold “servants” or something, we might be able to improve the balance of political power. We shall see. On the other hand, the king’s eldest son, ____, is in favor of scientific advancement and modernization, though it is possibly not a very strategic move for him, and he may get himself disinherited if he pushes his father any more than he already has. Still, he may have some suggestions for us.

When we went to try to schedule a meeting with the King, we were very much taken aback to hear that they have been anticipating us- and insist on holding a parade in our honor, much to our vexation. However, it would take a few days to prepare for the parade, and in the mean time we were invited to either join them in the palace, or stay with our friends. We were loath to split up, yet on the other hand, we wished to have the opportunity to meet with both the prince and the resistance leader before our meeting with the king. Fortunately, this was resolved in a beneficial way when our elf companion threw a minor fit at the suggestion of missing out on staying in the palace, while Freya insisted that she couldn’t shun Erwin’s generous invitation. So we split up, with us catfolk staying with Erwin while the others moved to the castle.

We had our meeting with the resistance leaders, and they asked us to be very careful not to do anything to aggravate the situation. When I asked their opinion on the parade, which I thought was suspicious, they told me flat out, no question, it is a trap, and the catfolk will take the fall for anything that goes wrong. I thanked them, asked for any locations they could suggest for viewing the parade (which we’d be “in”)

So, when we met up with the other half of the party, we shared info, and devised a plan for the parade, whereby Devon would invisibly fly above the parade and cast an illusion of our party while the rest of us watched from a convenient building recommended by the resistance.
We were quite glad for our plan when, mid-parade, several explosions went off and attackers descended upon our fake party. Devon managed to hold the illusion just long enough to pull off a plausible teleport effect, and the assassins evaporated, as they do. Most of us scurried down out of the building to calm the crowd, while Rhianna did some bardic magic to get their attention and reassure them, and we got the situation under control quite effectively, if I may say so.



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